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Yiduan has established our production base in the strategically located city of Ningbo. This advantageous location is only 2 kilometers away from the highway, 56 kilometers away from the Port of Beilun, and 56 kilometers away from the Ningbo International Airport, which saves greatly on transportation costs but is also a hotbed for raw materials procurement as well as a brilliant pool of human resources talent. Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities have been organized to optimize production efficiency and enhance employee job satisfaction, which provides a powerful guarantee on the sustainable development of our business.

Our company has a strong history as a professional producer of high-speed precision stamping machines with capacities ranging from 15T to 1200T.

In order to produce these incredible machine we use only the best production machinery, including: ultra-large-sized CNC processing equipment, various high-precision test machines and a complete physical-chemical plant. Because quality control is a core aspect of our business philosophy, Yiduan utilizes several types of advanced methods for the purpose of quality control. With the use of ERP, PDM, CAM and other types of enterprise information management systems, we have optimized are personnel and production management and enhanced our reaction time to changing market demands.

In November 2011 our APA series stamping press was successfully awarded the CE certification by ISTITUTO GIORDANO – an industry-recognized organization

pWlhcginning the CE certification is a strong testament to our commitment of providing best-in-class product quality and service.

By continuously increasing employee awareness through improvement of work habits, we keep our promise of producing reliable and technologically-advanced products which differentiate Yiduan from the competition. We grandly welcome global customers to experience our products first hand and see how they will benefit your operation. Yiduan strives to deliver custom products that best fit our customer’s exact specification requirements.


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Yiduan possesses a rich history in the production of superior quality, high-speed precision stamping machines. Our machinery features capacities ranging from 15T to 1200T. In order to produce these incredible machines, we only use the best production machinery. Our highly trained managers utilize ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information management systems to maximize our production capabilities and adapt to changing market demands. Yiduan operates a production base strategically located in the city of Ningbo. This location is advantageous as it allows us to minimize transportation costs and it is a great location for procuring the best raw materials at affordable rates.

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Our sales experts communicate with customers via email.

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Our R&D team is composed of 8 researchers responsible for the design and the development of products for our end customers.

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Our vice general manager holds technical seminars for the engineers.

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Mr. Wang is our general manager.

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